Thank you for your interest in our Naturally Reared English Shepherd Puppies.
Born on July 7th,  whelping took only four hours for Ula to have 10 beautiful, healthy, vibrant puppies. She breezed right through and did a wonderful job!
Afterward, momma and the babies settled down and shared an intimate time of nursing and relaxation.
Each pup came into this world with the best possible start. Nourished in utero and during lactation with the highest quality non-GMO and/or organic*, pasture-raised, species appropriate diet and herbs.
We started using herbs with Ula when she was 3 months old. It all started when she sat down alongside our Golden Retriever who was being treated for cancer, and she wanted what he was getting. A consultation was done with the Master Herbalist and an appropriate course of action was given. This herbal program was not just an end goal of breeding her someday, but to allow her to be the healthiest pup and adult dog she could be.
Now, here we are with her first litter who is 3rd generation naturally reared. We couldn’t be more thrilled!
If you’re interested, please request a puppy application through our contact form. Why an application? No worries, there aren’t right or wrong answers, so please don’t be nervous. The questions are to help facilitate the best match for you and your future puppy. This is a commitment that is for many years, so why not make sure it’s the right one.

*Some of the chicken may have received GMO feed.