Ula and Laddie, perfectly behaved for this photo, which sees them enjoying the sunny warmth of a summer day. You can see from their coloring that our pups reflect their coats across the spectrum.

Meet Mom. Her name is Ula. She’s nearly all-black with sound structure, a sweet disposition, and high intelligence. She came to us from one of the top English Shepherd breeders in the nation, touched down at Pittsburgh airport, and has been a part of our family ever since.

Meet Dad. His name is Laddie. He’s our tri-color boy, also of sound structure, but with an obsession for playing ball, his favorite pastime. He, too, traveled from afar from a top breeder and has enriched our lives with his happy temperament.

Breeding lines:  Anderson, Butcher, Shininger, Oney, Sallee, Partlow, Beebe, Wilson, Merz, Vetaly, Piper, Stables, Boles


Here are some “baby photos” of Laddie:

Laddie at 1 week old.

Laddie at 5 weeks old.

We meet Laddie for the first time at the airport. Joyous day!

Puppy Photos of Ula through motherhood:

Ula’s original breeder name was “Glenna”. We made this composition to convey her breed heritage.

Ula meets Samson, our beloved Golden who left us last year.

Ula and big brother, Samson. Instant pals. 🙂

Ula and Samson in the snow playing tug-o-war with the stick.

Ula longingly looks out.

Ula: “What’s this white stuff?”

Original Ula snow portrait.

It’s the circle of life! Ula and pups.