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Month: August 2017

Here Comes the Rain…All Day

I was hoping to put up fence today, but there have been thunderstorms up until a little while ago when the rain stopped. The sunshine is pushing those clouds away. Finally! Now it’s 5:00 p.m., the grass is wet and needs to dry; it also needs to be mowed before the fence installation. Looks like making fence will have to be tomorrow. I can’t wait to get those little puppers out in the grass. They are going to love it! I will take some footage of that new experience for them.

Tour de Toys for the Puppies

Here’s a look at some toys I purchased for the pups and some of the features I like about them…

Tour de Raw Dog Food

Here’s a look at a recent raw dog food order from My Pet Carnivore and the range of meats we feed to our English Shepherd dam and sire. What was also ordered, but not mentioned in the video, was whole-ground rabbit, pancreas, spleen, and beef organ mix. They are also given various types of fish, emu, alpaca, muskrat, beaver, duck, goose, different kinds of meaty bones, and other items that are based on availability or season. We believe that feeding a variety of meats provides our dogs with balanced nutrition over time. In addition to feeding raw, as diet is everything, herbs are used to cleanse, nourish, and heal them, which maintains their health. We live in a toxic world and there’s no avoiding it. Herbs are a great, gentle, plant-based, whole food that can accomplish this goal without harmful side-effects.
We were planning on getting goats, lambs, chickens, and ducks (maybe rabbits and guinea hens) this spring, but a sturdy perimeter fence needs to be installed first. We’re working toward getting this done before winter, so we’re ready for next year.

Wee Wee Pad Alternative

As an alternative and in addition to the wee-wee pads, which some of the pups started using at a week and a half old, we set up a boot tray a week or so later filled with natural hardwood pellets. I chose a boot tray since it has a low profile and easier for young pups to get in and out of. I decided to try the wood pellets after speaking to a breeder who has been using this method for years and recommends it.
What I like about the pellets is that they have no chemicals. Yeah for chem-free! Pups like to romp and take naps in them. What I am not sure that I like is if the pups are ingesting them while I am not there and when they urinate on them the pellets do get crumbly. When this happens, the powder gets all over them.
This is a safe and natural pee-spot for pups, with the added benefit of a new sensory experience beneath their paws. It’s important for pups to feel different kinds of surfaces, and this is a way to do that while giving them a place to go when nature calls.

After using the boot tray we used under-the-bed boxes, kitty litter boxes, then we moved onto a 30″ x 36″ tray that is used in the bottom of metal rabbit cages from Tractor Supply. It’s called the DuMOR Rabbit Tray.

The Wee Pads Have Landed

In my quest for a more natural wee pad, I found a brand that looks very promising. Here’s a bit about them…

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