I was having technical difficulty and couldn’t post til now.

7:21 p.m. Ula did well through the night. She’s still hanging in there. l have to post a picture of her laying froggie-style. She also likes to wiggle around on her back inside or outside on the grass. She’s eaten 2 fresh, whole sardines, an organic egg and some raw, sprouted almonds (her favorite), along with taking her herbs in preparation for whelping and nutritional support. She snubbed her nose at the raw, clabbered goat’s milk and watermelon.  I am going to offer her whole, ground mutton shortly. I found out today, that her granddam, Titan, whelped on day 63. We shall see if she follows in her pawsteps. Tomorrow is also the birthday of our dearly beloved golden retriever and Ula’s pal, Samson, who we lost last year.

8:00 p.m. Over the course of an hour Ula ate not quite two sardines and 5 very large whole, ground mutton balls. I was thinking people are going to think I am not feeding her enough because I only mention some of the times when she eats. I offer food throughout the day. Sometimes she eats a bit and sometimes not, I let that up to her. She doesn’t have a whole lot of room with all the little ones in the oven right now. So, smaller and more frequent meals work best. She is in good spirits, goes out every hour or so, gets up and moves about in the house and babies are active. All good signs. When daddy came home, she went and picked up franken ball, as we call it, and waddled over to him with her butt wagging and helicopter tail going, making the “ruh, ruh, ruh” sound. What is franken ball? It’s a 3″ JW brand ball the dogs stripped the felt and furry stuff off of, it also has raised bumps on part of it. We were there and took the felt part away. It’s one of Laddie’s favorites. He loves, loves, loves playing ball.

11:20 p.m. She ate 5 more mutton balls before bedtime. Ula and my son will again be sleeping in the whelping box. I will get up and check on them throughout the night.