Here’s a look at a recent raw dog food order from My Pet Carnivore and the range of meats we feed to our English Shepherd dam and sire. What was also ordered, but not mentioned in the video, was whole-ground rabbit, pancreas, spleen, and beef organ mix. They are also given various types of fish, emu, alpaca, muskrat, beaver, duck, goose, different kinds of meaty bones, and other items that are based on availability or season. We believe that feeding a variety of meats provides our dogs with balanced nutrition over time. In addition to feeding raw, as diet is everything, herbs are used to cleanse, nourish, and heal them, which maintains their health. We live in a toxic world and there’s no avoiding it. Herbs are a great, gentle, plant-based, whole food that can accomplish this goal without harmful side-effects.
We were planning on getting goats, lambs, chickens, and ducks (maybe rabbits and guinea hens) this spring, but a sturdy perimeter fence needs to be installed first. We’re working toward getting this done before winter, so we’re ready for next year.