NATURAL REARING is a total approach to animal care in which the breeder seeks to promote the health of animals according to the basic guidelines of nature.

The phrase was coined in the 1930s by Juliette de Bairacli Levy, British veterinarian and author of “The Complete Herbal Handbook For The Dog and Cat,” a book which has proven a stalwart reference to owners and breeders these many decades.

In raising dogs, we seek to follow nature as much as possible by eliminating all manner of toxins from their environment and nourishing them with species-specific foods. This is a raw diet that includes meat, organs, and bones, emulating the prey that dogs feed upon in the wild, as well as (minimal) plant-based foods.

We limit exposure to harmful chemicals. A primary method is to substitute commercial formulations with herbal remedies and natural cleaning solutions.

We seek to rely on the dog’s own immune responses and healing ability with the aid of holistic protocols as an alternative to vaccination, which we avoid (except as compulsory by law). Owners and breeders must understand the issues of vaccinating while following state and local laws for specific vaccinations.

Our pups are weaned when the mother is ready to wean them. We provide access to clean air, grass, water, food and give them room to roam with their littermates and mother as they explore the world and develop both physically and cognitively.

While Natural Rearing is vital, we do encourage:

– Veterinary advice as needed
– Conventional medical interventions when necessary
– Adherence to the laws with regard to vaccination as specifically required
– Maintenance of clean living spaces

We rear our dogs with the furtherance and improvement of the breed in mind.

In conclusion, we see natural rearing as a lifestyle, a commitment to our individual dogs as well as the breed, and a practice that affords optimal well-being, health, and longevity for these amazing animals.